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Unit Types

Single Unit 1K(20m²) 200 units(for students,130 units for international students)
Family Unit 1DK(40m²) 4 units
1DK(45m²) 18 units
2DK(50m²) 11 units
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Housing Expenses

Rent Single Unit 1K (20m²) International Student \22,000/month
Japanese Student \32,000/month
Family Unit 1DK (40m²) \55,000/month
1DK (45m²) \60,500/month
2DK (50m²) \66,000/month

   ※Rent includes charges for water, hot water and air-conditioning.

Common Service Fee Single Unit 1K \3,000/month
Family Unit 1DK ・ 2DK \5,500/month

Utility Fees Resident must directly pay a fee based on the amount of electricity used to the electric utility corporation (KEPCO).

Deposit(Refundable) Rent + Common Service Fee (should be paid upon arrival)

Housing Facilities

Service Equipment Water service, Hot-water supply system, Bath, Toilet, Kitchen, Air-conditioner, Internet line(Wired)
Room Equipment Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Cooking Heater, Bed, Chair, Desk, Bookshelf, Desk lamp, Curtain, Shoebox, Closet, Trash Cans, etc. (Family units are also equipped with a locker, a dining-room suite, and a washing machine.)

Common Facilities

Building 1, B1 Lesson rooms(equipped with pianos), Recreation Room, Table Tennis Room
Building 1, 1F Lounge, Study Room, Communal Kitchen, Counseling Room, Copying Machine
Building 1&3, 2〜10F Coin Laundry Corner
Outdoors Parking Areas for Cars and Bicycles, Tennis Court

   ※Free Wi-Fi is available in the study room and lounge.

Entry Application

Please apply at the university or institution you belong to.

Universities Our Residents belong to (As of April, 2015)

Kyoto University, Kyoto University of Education, Doshisya University, Ryukoku University, Otani University, Doshisya Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Kyoto Women’s University, Kyoto Bunkyo University, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Kyoto University of Art & Design, The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies of Informatics, Kyoto Seika University (in no particular order)

Other Features

   ※The prices listed above became effective on April 1, 2015.


Please apply at the university or institution you belong to.
Other inquiries ... gakusei-center@kyoto-jkosha.or.jp
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